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Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Spectrum Lighting has crafted state-of-the-art lighting fixtures for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
Project: Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Architect: Atkins North America Inc., Pelli Clarke Pelli, Manning Architects,
Lighting Designer:  Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design

The lighting design team contacted Spectrum Lighting to design a high bay luminaire with a specific output and distribution, delivering specified foot candles as part of the project.  As part of this task, Spectrum created a custom three fixture mounting bar to hold the three high bay type luminaires.   Spectrum also designed a special 60-degree beam downlight series used throughout the space.  All fixtures supplied were required to utilize the same LEDS and drivers for ease of long-term maintenance by the airport.

Spectrum Lighting’s sales and engineering teams worked in coordination with the lighting design team and architects to design and produce a fixture to meet exact specifications.  Optical reflector design for high bays and downlights were done in-house and the fixtures were tooled, spun and manufactured all in-house by our skilled designers and craftsmen.  This ensured standards of quality were met and that our production abilities could meet the jobsite’s needs right here from our 250,000 square foot Massachusetts factory.  The custom three fixture mounting bar was designed and manufactured in-house as well.  The electrical contractor visited the factory and worked out installation details with the Spectrum design team.  Changes made to that mounting system during this meeting allowed the contractors to pre-assemble fixtures in their shop and ship to site ready to install, saving time and on-site coordination.

The New Orleans airport is a wonderful project that showcases many products and capabilities that Spectrum Lighting has and one that our entire company is proud of.

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