Caesars Forum Conference Center

Las Vegas, NV
Caesars Forum Conference Center

The lighting design team contacted Spectrum Lighting to design a special downlight luminaire to be used in Caesars Forum. Caesars Forum contains the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world and required very specific lighting fixtures and configurations. The fixtures were to deliver 7,000 lumens from 35 feet with 30-degree beam, kelvin tuning range from 1800-5500K, DMX controls and have 6” and 8” square apertures. Spectrum designed the optical and LED package to meet the specifications.

Spectrum’s in-house designers engaged with the lighting design team and developed ies files and samples. Within three months, luminaires were produced that matched specifications. Other requirements of the project were to match the kelvin tuning ranges of 1800-5500K with DMX in 3”, 4”, 6” downlights, adjustable accent, cylinders and other luminaires.

“The most complex aspect of this project was truly adaptability to scale. The Grand Ballrooms are each 100,000 square feet of open floor plate divisible into limitless configurations of smaller breakout spaces. Our design gestures needed to be appropriate to configurations as small as 1,200 square feet, as well as to the ballroom as a whole.” Said Chelsea Lavell, Principal and Director of Interior Design at KGA Designs.

All metalwork for the optics, trims, housings, heatsinks and other components were made in Spectrum’s 250,000 square foot Massachusetts factory. Production schedules were supplied to the electrical contractor each Monday and their timelines were met on over 40 fixture types and approximately 7,000 fixtures in total. All fixtures supplied were required to utilize the same LEDS and drivers for ease of long-term maintenance by the convention center. Throughout the process Spectrums Tech group engaged with the DMX Integration team and ensured there were no communication issues with the fixtures. All fixtures were 100% tested by Spectrum on DMX prior to shipment.

Chris Roemlein, President of Spectrum Lighting stated, “This project was very challenging from the high delivered foot-candles and square aperture, to the kelvin range and DMX controls. From the first phone call with the lighting designer and throughout the process we had to use all of our design, technical and manufacturing resources to design and produce these fixtures. This is a project that I am most proud of for my company as we all came together from engineering to production to QC testing each DMX fixture before shipping. Caesars Forum is one of the largest, most complex and most impressive projects Spectrum Lighting has completed.”