Bubble Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics

Newton, MA
Bubble Dentistry

Somehow getting your teeth cleaned feels good in a place like this.

Columbia construction completed an underwater-themed children’s dental office expansion focused on making the dentist fun and easy for kids and their parents. Within an open concept space with 24 feet-high ceilings, full-size turtles, glass jellyfish, various sea animals, and a 25-foot-long whale float from the waiting room ceiling. The lighting scheme reflects the ocean theme, with over 60 of our giant globe radius fitter pendants in various sizes that look like bubbles. A circular jellyfish tank welcomes patients at the front door, and a glass tunnel directs guests into the office. Once in the exam area, two 500-gallon saltwater fish tanks flank on either side of the dental chairs. Our only question is, can we book an appointment as adults?

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