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Spectrum Lighting is committed to manufacturing high-quality, attractive and functional architectural lighting products that combine design integrity, functionality and energy efficiency.

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10" Round Retrofit Downlight

SGRTE10XT - A SPEC Focused Illumination Downlight 5000 LM
XT focused illumination high performance retrofit or remodel.

SGRTV10BX - A SPEC High Output Downlight 8000 LM
pen aperture deep regressed high output LED 
retrofit for high ceiling illumination.

SGRTE10LEDLU -  A SPEC Dynamic Dimming Downlight 1600 LM
LU retrofit or remodel platform with Kelvin Tunable (K+) white light LED system that warms as it dims from 3050K at full intensity to 1800K at 1% intensity.

SGRTE10LEDLU -  A SPEC Tunable Color (Hue) Downlight 1800 LM
LU retrofit or remodel platform with tunable color (HUE) LED system. Over 300,000 colors as well as 1600K-6000K white light.

SGRTE10FX - Infinium ENERGY STAR® Downlight 4000 LM
ENERGY STAR® Certified when used with SG or MW trims. FX series designed for general downlighting with smooth light distribution.

SGRTE10LEDOS - Infinium General Illumination Downlight 4500 LM
OS general illumination retrofit or remodel.

SGRTE10LEDGV - Infinium Specialty Downlight 6000 LM
GV general illumination specialty high performance retrofit or remodel.

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