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Spectrum Lighting is committed to manufacturing high-quality, attractive and functional architectural lighting products that combine design integrity, functionality and energy efficiency.

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Lay In High Bay

2\'x2\' New Construction Flush Flat Trim -24000 LM

2'x2' New Construction Flush Flat Trim -24000 LM

Recessed square high lumen 2' x 2' fixture for high ceiling area lighting.

Designed for recessed dry wall ceiling installation. May be installed from above or below ceiling. Fixture is available from 11000-24000 lumens. Produces even glare free illumination. Lens is mechanically attached to trim.

2\'x2\' Shallow Recessed - 24000 lm

2'x2' Shallow Recessed - 24000 lm

2' x 2' grid ceiling fixture with choice of lenses. Designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent high bay fixtures.

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