The Spectrum Lighting factory is vertically integrated to produce all major fixture components. Equipment includes 24 metal spinning lathes, 40 presses, automatic polishing, a full CNC machine/tool room, CNC metal fabrication presses, and a complete finishing department. This array of machinery plus skilled employees allow us to design, tool, and produce our own reflectors, housing and components. Proudly we say we're one of the few lighting manufactures able to produce all of our products "In House".

We take special pride in design and finishing of our reflectors. Reflector and RLM designs are first tested using a photometric simulation program. Once a design is optimized the program is sent to our CNC Machine lathe and a pattern is cut to exact specifications. This finished pattern or chuck is then brought to our spinning department for sampling and production. The Spun reflectors then pass to our finishing despartment where they're polished, anodized, and flanges are painted. Each step in this process is carefully controlled.

Sheet metal frames, enclosures, and housings are produced like reflectors, from CAD generated prototypes to programed CNC punch-press parts. These, like the reflectors, are checked and tested at every step.

Lighting Bracket Manufacturing

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Reflector Spinning

Heat Sink CNC Manufacturing



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